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SpeiSpecial Initiatives

If you would like to volunteer to participate on a subcommittee please contact the subcommittee chair person.


Education & Training Subcommittee

Mission: To provide education in multiple arenas that is focused on the core principles of the social work profession.

Description: This subcommittee is dedicated to identifying essential components for forensic social work education in higher education, compiling a resource list for professional development in forensic social work, creating a handout of common terminology central to forensic social work practice, developing a strategy to increase the formal connections between NOFSW and universities, and creating an informational brochure that can be tailored to a wide variety of CJS/forensic settings.

Chair: Yvonne Eaton-Stull



Interprofessional Collaboration Subcommittee

Mission: To lead professional and interprofessional dialogue at all levels.

Description: This subcommittee is dedicated to enhancing interprofessional collaboration opportunities/events/projects, highlighting opportunities of ongoing and one-time interprofessional collaboration ideas, partnering with other professional organizations/entities to promote knowledge/understanding of differing ethics/codes of conduct/disciplines, applying for grant funding to support interprofessional collaboration education/training/events, and creating outreach campaigns to enhance expertise in emerging issues/concerns.

Chair: Emily Abili 



Research & Publication Subcommittee

Mission: To promote research and publication in the field of forensic social work.

Description: This subcommittee is dedicated to supporting the Journal of Forensic Social Work (JFSW) and research that advances knowledge in the field of forensic social work, creating a list of funding sources for research in FSW, providing a select list of recently published FSW articles in the monthly newsletter, and creating a Center of Excellence in Forensic Social Work Practice & Research.

Chair: Ali Winters



Advocacy & Social Justice Subcommittee

Mission: To advocate for change within the criminal legal system.

Description: This subcommittee is dedicated to highlighting successful efforts nationally and internationally to address social justice issues and promote anti-oppressive practices, advancing participation of justice and immigration-involved persons in the social work profession, developing a policy agenda in response to the recognition of systemic problems (aligning with the UN Declaration of Human Rights), offering webinars on social justice and advocacy, creating opportunities to promote the conversation surrounding abolition and the role of social workers in forensic settings.

Chair: Anjali Buehler



Endorsement & Certification Subcommittee

Mission: To develop standards for forensic social work.

Description: This subcommittee is dedicated to establishing standards for certification of FSW CEUs/coursework/specialization/concentration/certificate programs, creating and implementing a campaign to educate and advocate for recognition of all areas of FSW practice to state SW Boards and the ASWB, supporting the NOFSW as the premier CEU provider of FSW continuing education, and establishing a national FSW certification.

Chair: Ali Winters


Membership Subcommittee

Chair: Wendy Champagnie WIlliams


Social Media Subcommittee

Chair: John Cocco


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