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Plenary and Workshop Handouts  

If a link is not active, no handouts have been submitted for that session.  Handouts will continue to be added up to, during and after the conference so please check back frequently.  Many presenters are bringing handouts to distribute at the session.


NOFSW Conference Agenda 5.24.24

Tuesday June 25 12:30-1:45  
Plenary - Ethical Considerations of Serving Immigrant Communities            
Mary Lehman, PhD                                                               


Tuesday June 25 2:15-3:45    
The Ethical Intersections of Forensic Social Work                      
Timothy McArthur, LCSW             
 The NASW Code of Ethics


Tuesday June 25 2:15-3:45    
Socio-Bio Mitigation Videos: Using powerful visuals for advocacy           
Steven Robinson, DSW, LCSW    

Tuesday June 25 2:15-3:45    
Trauma Care and Recovery Planning with Justice Involved Individuals    
Delores Blackwell, PhD         

Tuesday June 25 2:15-3:45    
Typologies and Forensic Social Work among Youth with Problem Sexual Behavior                   
Adam Brown, PhD    

Tuesday June 25 2:15-3:45    
Duty to Warn: What you need to know!    
James Andrews, LCSW, LICSW, BCD 

Tuesday June 25 2:15-3:45    
A Drug Test is Not a Parenting Test: Holistic Advocacy for Parents Navigating the Stigma of Substance Use in Bronx Family Court 
Zoe Russell, LMSW; Leslie Polseno; Desseray Wright    

Tuesday June 25 4:00-5:30    
Crafting Compelling Narratives: Bringing Creativity and Confidence to Written Mitigation  
Nikita Rahman, MSW; Anne Vachon, MSSW                

Tuesday June 25 4:00-5:30    
Forensic Social Work: Does the Attorney-Client Privilege Apply (or Not)?                    
Dana Prescott, PhD, LMSW, JD; Diane Tennies, PhD, LADC         

Tuesday June 25 4:00-5:30    
The Importance of an Interdisciplinary Team in Early Advocacy           
Alyssa Harriston; Michael White, ESQ

Tuesday June 25 4:00-5:30    
Avoiding Dehumanizing Language: How Labels Prevent Effective Advocacy      
Ronda Swenson, MA; Artie Gonzales; Franky Carillo; Ray Ibarra
Humanizing Language ppt
Humanizing Language resources

Tuesday June 25 4:00-5:30    
Public Safety Wellness: Overview of an Organizational Health and Training Model             
Bianca Channer, DSW, LCSW; Katherine Moore, LMSW; Ralphaina Dubisson, MSW 

Tuesday June 25 5:30-6:30
Poster - Indiana Addictions: A Case Study for Correctional, Peer-Led Addictions Recovery    
Tyler Jean, LSW, MSW, MS.Ed., PhD     

Tuesday June 25 5:30-6:30    
Poster - Childhood Trauma and Delinquency: The role of callous-unemotional traits and moral disengagement       
Hyun Kim, M.A.; James "Tres" Stefurak, Ph.D.; Victoria Dixon  

Tuesday June 25 5:30-6:30    
Poster - The Role of Social Determinants of Mental Health in Evaluation and Diagnosis    
Alena Aguilar, LMSW                                             

Tuesday June 25 5:30-6:30    
Poster - The Effects of a Co-Response Program on Patrol Time and Call Volume for Crisis-Related Calls: A time series analysis                       
Mark Plassmeyer, Ph.D., MSW
Summary of Current Findings
Summary of Current Gaps and Recommendations

Wednesday June 26 8:15-9:30           
Plenary - Finding Common Ground in the Reform vs Abolitionist Debate
Panel moderated by David McLeod, PhD   

Wednesday June 26 10:00-11:00       
Holistic Representation of LGBTQ People
Klevis Baholli, LMSW; Laura Rolston, MSW          

Wednesday June 26 10:00-11:00       
International Re-Entry Planning   
Susan Cruz, MSW                                        

Wednesday June 26 10:00-11:00       
Beyond Incarceration: Supporting Black Mothers' Successful Reentry through a Critical Lens    
Leslianne Davis, BS, MSW                          

Wednesday June 26 10:00-11:00       
How Deep Should We Dig? How Remembrance Work Contextualizes Our Clients Experiences               
Ashley Edwards, MSW

Wednesday June 26 10:00-11:00       
Bridging the Gap: Mastering the Transition from Clinical to Forensic Social Work          
Gilbert Singletary                           

Wednesday June 26 11:15-12:15       
Interdisciplinary Defense    
Abbie Elam, MSW; Lauren Sergent, BS; Emily Harris, BS   

Wednesday June 26 11:15-12:15       
Sustainability in Forensic Social Work: Beyond Self-Care                     
Rachel Goldsmith, LCSW-R   

Wednesday June 26 11:15-12:15       
Trauma and the Parallel Process for Correction Officers Providing Control, Correction, and Care: Visceral and vicarious experiences   
Warren Graham, MSW; Eric Hines, AAS                   

Wednesday June 26 11:15-12:15       
Exploring Simulation-Based Learning in Forensic Social Work Education                  
Dimitra Lattas, MRes, MSW, BA; Brittany Adams, LCSW;    Rachel M.Ross, LCSW, RPT-S

Wednesday June 26 1:45-2:45           
Strengthening Foundations in Forensic Social Workers  
Vanessa Jones, MSSW, LCSW                        

Wednesday June 26 1:45-2:45           
Building Resilience as Forensic Social Workers 
LaQueshia Clemons, MSW; Denise Brunskill, MSW     

Wednesday June 26 1:45-2:45           
Bridging the Gap: The role of generalist forensic social workers as community legal workers in promoting access to justice and social welfare          
Shawna Hoyte, BA, BSW, JD, MSW        

Wednesday June 26 1:45-2:45           
The Crucial Role of Parental Capacity Evaluations             
Carrie Landis, LCSW, MAT                 

Wednesday June 26 1:45-2:45           
Holistic Representation: Better Outcomes for Youth       
Malikah Marrus, DSW, MSW; Ellen Marrus, JD LLM; Rifqa SaAadat                       

Wednesday June 26 3:00-4:00           
The Journal of Forensic Social Work: The Journey to Open Access
David McLeod, PhD, MSW; Corie Young, MSW      

Wednesday June 26 3:00-4:00           
Leveraging Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Advancing civil legal outcomes for individuals living with mental health conditions               
Anne Milne, MPH, LCSW; Christine  Fuchs, JD

Wednesday June 26 3:00-4:00           
Psychological Evaluations and Risk Assessments: Ethical purposes and limits  
Dana Prescott, PhD, LMSW, JD; Diane Tennies, PhD, LADC   

Wednesday June 26 3:00-4:00           
Reckoning with Moral Injury in Correctional Healthcare: Findings and recommendations from a mixed methods study    
Stephanie Gangemi; Camille Dysart, MSW; Caroline Sutton Chubb, MPA   

Wednesday June 26 3:00-4:00           
Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Management and the 4 stage Approach to Servicing Incarcerated Individuals. 
Marquis Chandler                                           

Wednesday June 26 4:15-5:15           
Interdisciplinary Collaboration between Social Work and the Legal System
Rick Ornelas; Rosemary Alamo, DBH  

Wednesday June 26 4:15-5:15           
Expanding the Social Work Lens Beyond Casework                   
Jenelle Pedroza, LCSW; Anne Milne, MPH, LCSW 

Wednesday June 26 4:15-5:15           
Police Social Work in Millvale Borough    
Alyssa  Peters, MSW; Tim Komoroski      

Wednesday June 26 4:15-5:15           
Recovery Planning for Individuals in Care From Admission to Outplacement at a Forensic Hospital
Cortez Scott, MBA , MSW; Leila Rosado, MSW; Shamar Rouse, MSW; Tanya Logan; Leslie Palmer; Shiresse Brewington

Thursday June 27 8:30-9:45  
Plenary - Bearing Witness to a Homicide: Vicarious Trauma Experienced in the Death Chamber          
Sandra Joy, Ph.D., LCSW   and Reverand Dr. Jeff Hood 

Thursday June 27 10:15-11:15          
ACEs and Chronic Child Custody Conflict: Implications for ethical forensic practice      
Dana Prescott, PhD, LMSW, JD; Diane Tennies, PhD, LADC   

Thursday June 27 10:15-11:15          
Forensic Evaluation and Immigration Systems    
Ann Webb, Ph.D., J.D.

Academic References/Resources

Forensic Report Outline






Forensic Evaluation (template)

Presentation Powerpoint

Thursday June 27 10:15-11:15          
Older Adults with Dementia and the Criminal Legal System     
Brittney Williams, LMSW-C             

Thursday June 27 10:15-11:15          
Peace Brokers: An asset-based approach to healing & violence prevention     
Mayra Lopez-Humphreys, PhD, LMSW; Jorge Diaz,MSW                                                                                                                                                   

Thursday June 27 11:30-12:30          
Shifting the Mindset: Trauma-informed training for correctional system staff   
Jacoba Rock, Ph.D., MSW; Hillary Vervalin, MSW; Terry-Jan Ashton, MSW  

Thursday June 27 11:30-12:30          
In Whose Interests? Comparing the treatment of children in federal immigration court, and in state child welfare proceedings in Minnesota 
Susan Schmidt, DSW, MSSW, LGSW         

Thursday June 27 11:30-12:30          
Using Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Courtroom Simulation with Social Work Students: Learning gains and challenges      Sherece Shavel, PhD                                                                          

Thursday June 27 11:30-12:30          

Take it Like a Man: A qualitative study of characteristics of male sexual assault targets in juvenile detention facilities       
Clio Weisman, PhD; Belle Weisman

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