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Journal of Forensic Social Work Volume 3, 2013 Issue 2


Special Issue: Meeting the Needs of Children in the Forensic Environment



Jon R. Conte PhD

Page: 87

Published online: 27 Nov 2013

Original Articles

Research article

Is There a Place for Extended Assessments For Evaluating Concerns about Child Sexual Abuse? Perceptions of 1,294 Child Maltreatment Professionals

Javonda Williams , Debra Nelson-Gardell , Kathleen Coulborn Faller , Linda Cordisco-Steele & Amy Tishelman

Pages: 88-105

Published online: 27 Nov 2013

Research article

Children’s Memory and Event Reports: The Current State of Knowledge and Best Practice

Lindsay C. Malloy , Jonni L. Johnson & Gail S. Goodman

Pages: 106-132

Published online: 27 Nov 2013

Research article

Alleged Sex Abuse Victims’ Accounts of Their Abusers’ Modus Operandi

Evianne L. van Gijn & Michael E. Lamb

Pages: 133-149

Published online: 27 Nov 2013

Research article

Protecting Child Witnesses on the Witness Stand: The Law and the Role of the Forensic Social Worker in Criminal Proceedings

Frank E. Vandervort

Pages: 150-175

Published online: 27 Nov 2013

Research article

Facilitating Maltreated Children’s Use of Emotional Language

Elizabeth C. Ahern & Thomas D. Lyon

Pages: 176-203

Published online: 27 Nov 2013

Book Review

Book review

The Handbook on Questioning Children: A Linguistic Perspective by Anne Graffam Walker

Andi Grosvald Hamilton

Pages: 204-206

Published online: 27 Nov 2013

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