2022 NOFSW Conference

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abstracts accepted through Feb. 15, 2022

2022 NOFSW FSW Certificate Program and Conference

FSW Certificate Program - June 13, 2022

NOFSW Conference June 14-16, 2022
New Orleans, LA

Social Justice and Unjust Systems: Strategies to Advance Structural Change

As forensic social workers, we are uniquely positioned to advance structural change for sustained social justice, by:


·      Holistically understanding clients’ intersectionality in order to provide more inclusive and equitable services.

·      Articulating justice/equity as a stated goal and including clients and stakeholders in identifying the root causes         and developing solutions.

·      Training administrators and staff to achieve social justice and equity.

·      Disaggregating data and reporting outcomes with context.

·      Considering intended and unintended impacts of programming, practices, and policies such that burdens and            benefits are experienced equitably.

·      Developing theories of structural/systems change to avoid only project-based results and instead support                   longer-term transformation and justice.


We invite you to partner with NOFSW to better understand systems and to gain the knowledge, skills, and strategies to advance structural change at all levels of practice. Join us in New Orleans for our 38th annual conference to become an advocate and architect of forensic social work and justice!

Conference Call for Abstracts (now open) abstracts accepted through Feb. 15, 2022

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