Journal of Forensic Social Work Volume 4, 2014 Issue 3




Letter From the Editors

Viola Vaughan-Eden Editor PhD, MJ, LCSW

Pages: 169-170

Published online: 17 Jun 2015


It’s Not CSI: The Importance of Forensics for Social Work Education

Susan P. Robbins, Viola Vaughan-Eden & Tina M. Maschi

Pages: 171-175

Published online: 17 Jun 2015


Research article

Behavioral Health and Sociocultural Determinants of Corrections Involvement Among Vulnerable African American Females: Historical and Contemporary Themes

Harold E. Briggs, Lew Bank & Adam C. Briggs

Pages: 176-202

Published online: 17 Jun 2015

Research article

Perceptions of the African American Experience (PAAX): A New Measure of Adaptive Identities Among African American Men and Women

Harold E. Briggs, Lew Bank, Amanda Fixsen, Adam C. Briggs, Brianne Kothari & Christopher Burkett

Pages: 203-233

Published online: 17 Jun 2015

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Editorial Board EOV

Page: ebi

Published online: 17 Jun 2015


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